Learning Resources on Quantum Computing

A curated selection of the best free learning resources on quantum computing for all skill levels.

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Documentation for Forest and pyQuil

Tutorials for Rigetti Computing’s SDK.

Documentation for Ocean

Tutorial for D-Wave System’s SDK.

Documentation for Strawberry Fields

Background information on the photonic continuous-variable approach to quantum computation, as well as tutorials for Xanadu’s SDK.

IBM Q Full User Guide

Short tutorials providing a gentle introduction to quantum computing and IBM Q.

John Preskill’s Notes on Quantum Computation

Notes of Caltech’s Quantum Computation Course Physics 219/Computer Science 219 by John Preskill.

Nielsen and Chuang

Worked examples on quantum algorithm problems.

QISKit Tutorials

Jupyter notebooks simply demonstrating how to use QISKit.

Quantum Algorithm Zoo

Comprehensive catalog of quantum algorithms.

Quantum Computing Playground

3D quantum state visualisation tool able to simulate up to 22 qubits.

Quantum in the Cloud

Four qubit photonic quantum simulator and computer.

Quantum Katas

Programming exercises for learning quantum computing and Q#.

Quantum Machine Learning for Data Scientists

Explanation of quantum machine learning algorithms.


Browser-based drag-and-drop quantum circuit simulator that reacts, simulates, and animates in real-time.

Quantum Odyssey

High budget educational video game, fully narrated that uses visual methods to teach about writing quantum algorithms

Massive Open Online Courses

MIT Quantum Information Sciences

Series of lecture notes on the MIT quantum information sciences course.

Quantum Cryptography

Learn how quantum communication provides security that is guaranteed by the laws of nature.

Quantum Information Science I, Part I

Foundational course on quantum information and computation.

The Quantum Internet and Quantum Computers: How Will They Change the World?

Learn the principles and promises behind developments in quantum computers and quantum internet and how they will impact our future.

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation

Conceptual introduction to the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics.

Understanding Quantum Computers

Introduction to the key concepts of quantum computing with minimal mathematics.

Quantum Quest

A web class for high school students. Organized by QuSoft

Quantum Machine Learning

Hands-on introduction to quantum computing and quantum-enhanced machine learning, complete with a code repo.

Quantum Computing. Less Formulas - More Understanding

An introductory course on Quantum Computing, focusing more on concepts.

Quantum Technology: Detectors and Networking

An online program from Purdue University teaching the fundamentals of quantum networking, detectors, sensors and applied quantum computing.

Development Tools

Click here for the most up-to-date list of all open source quantum software projects.


Algorithmic Assertions

About quantum computing and computing in general by Craig Gidney - a member of Google Quantum Computing Team.

Bits of Quantum

By the QuTech institution, sharing their research and daily life.


Interesting posts on quantum computation, by James Wootton.

Musty Thoughts

Blog by Michał Stęchły (Zapata Computing, QOSF).

Quantum Frontiers

By the Quantum Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, sharing behind the scenes research insights.

Quantum Weekly

A weekly correlation of all things quantum - computing, cryptography, entanglement.

Shtetl Optimized

Blog by Scott Aaronson.


Classical and Quantum Computation

Introduction to fundamentals of classical and quantum computing.

Problems and Solutions in Quantum Computing

Easy to advanced quantum computing and information problems with detailed solutions.

Quantum Computation and Quantum Information

Comprehensive textbook for those with some prior knowledge in mathematics, computer science and physics.

Quantum Computing: A Gentle Introduction

Explains quantum computing with only basic college maths knowledge needed.

Quantum Computing Explained

Conversational approach to explaining quantum computing with worked solutions.

Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists

Quantum computing explained using an approach accessible to undergraduate computer science students.

Learn Quantum Computing with Python and Q#

Learn about quantum computing by building your own quantum simulator, implementing quantum algorithms, and applying quantum programming techniques to real-world examples including cryptography and chemistry.


Opportunities and Challenges for Quantum Machine Learning

Opportunities and challenges for quantum-assisted machine learning in near-term quantum computers.

Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum machine learning and what quantum computing means to data mining.

Making Quantum Computing Open: Lessons from Open-Source Projects

An investigation of contributors to open-source quantum computing projects, their educational and professional backgrounds. Includes a survey with focus on what helped them succeed in the field.


Introduction to Quantum Programming

This talk is an introduction to modern quantum programming. It covers why you might want to program a quantum computer and how you would do so today, with a focus on the Forest Python SDK from Rigetti Computing. The only background assumed is linear algebra and complex numbers at the level of undergraduate computer science. Duration: 1 hour, 22 minutes.

Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists

Microsoft Research Talk on introductory quantum computing for computer scientists. Duration: 1 hour, 28 minutes.


D-Wave Leap Community

D-Wave System’s Leap Community Forum.

IBM Q Community

IBM Quantum experience Community Forum.

IBM Q QISKit Community

Slack Channel for QISKit and quantum computing discussions.

Q# Community

An open-source community around quantum programming in Q#, including blogs, code repositories, and online meetups.

Women In Quantum Computing and Applications

An inclusive meetup group based in Seattle, WA, USA (currently gathering remotely) that hosts talks and tutorial series.

Mike & Ike Subreddit

Discussion about the book Quantum Computation and Quantum Information.

PennyLane Discussion Forum

Discussion forum for quantum machine learning, both using simulations and on near term hardware.

Quantum Computing StackExchange

Question and answer site for quantum computing.

Quantum Information and Quantum Computer Scientists of the World Unite

Facebook group for quantum research discussion.

Rigetti Community

Slack Channel for Rigetti and quantum computing discussions.

Strawberry Fields Community

Slack channel for Xanadu and Strawberry Fields photonic/CV quantum computing discussions.

Quantum Computing Slack Community

Slack Channel for quantum computing discussions. Generate an invite for this channel here: Quantum Computing Slack - Invite.

Quantum Odyssey

Discord Channel for Quantum Odyssey puzzle-solving enthusiasts and quantum computing discussions. Discord.