Quantum Software Meetup

A monthly virtual quantum developer meetup co-hosted with the Unitary Fund. Meet the people and projects behind quantum software and learn how you can get involved!

Join us on Gathertown   

The quantum open source software community is growing as fast as we can build and develop new quantum technologies. With so many different tools, frameworks, languages, and devices out there to play with, we wanted to find a way to help folks interested in designing, building and using quantum software network and learn what amazing things are being developed. The Quantum Software Meetup is a group to address the growing need for connection and collaboration between quantum software developers, researchers, and users. We will be hosting a meetup every month to discuss new technologies, share resources, and build a community passionate about quantum software. The meetings will be similar in format to other meetups, but to facilitate a global audience they will be hosted on Gather. We will have a few short talks to kick off the meeting, and then have social time to meet the people and projects that make up the quantum software community.

Upcoming meetings

QSM December 2021